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flow of emission materials.

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InMedia is a modern IT platform designed to facilitate online multimedia file reception, processing and management. Our product was made based on thorough analysis of requirements that we established during our work together with advertisment agencies.


ImMedia can be easily adjusted to your organization’s individual needs, both by modifying existing configuration and development of new functionality. Thanks to an extensive user permission it’s possible to adapt the system to handle any new processes.


ImMedia is always available online – 24/7. A user is able to upload materials through the platform at any hour, any day. Service’s high availability minimizes the risk of delays. Files are processed rapidly and you’re in control of every part of the delivery process.


The platform provides modern standards of material delivery, eliminating the need of transferring files by post, courier or, FTP. ImMedia streamlines a number of time-consuming activities performed by employees, increasing productivity. A modern solution that improves company image.

Data Security

Personal data and business materials that are on the platform are always protected. ImMedia manages user access to resources, keeps activity history, automatically logs out inactive users and periodically enforces password change. The recommended HTTPS protocol prevents interception of transferred data.

Automated file verification

All uploaded files are sent through a number of automated checks and processes, e.g.

  • anti-virus check
  • technical check (two stage material verification)
  • file transcoding (low-res, emission formats)
  • file transfer to emission localization

Communication through the Platform

ImMedia enables contact with your users through the service, without the need for other forms of communcation (e.g. e-mail). A privileged Administrator user is able to mass-mail important messages, as well as answer individual inquiries. A full communication log is kept at all times.

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